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34+ Pet Great White Shark Aquarium PNG. So yeah, before you can even think of having a great white shark in an aquarium, you have to imagine buying a pet and finding out that that pet killed the other pet that you had before. Great white sharks are found in the greatest volumes near prey populations.

Talking Great White : My Pet Shark on the App Store
Talking Great White : My Pet Shark on the App Store from a2.mzstatic.com

It is the second largest shark in the game after the whale shark and has a voracious appetite. The great white shark makes its home all over these waters, from the coastline to the farther one place you won't find great white sharks is at your local aquarium, or any aquarium for that matter. Men kill over 100 million sharks each year!

Pet shark chases kids around the aquarium.

Well you're in luck, because here they come. In other words, the sharks arrived at the aquariums already injured and failed to regain their health. The longest a great white has been kept in captivity is 198 days, at the monterey bay aquarium, but it wasn't easy. They can be found in coastal and offshore oceans between the temperatures of 54º and the times that the sharks have successfully been housed, they were kept in a one million gallon tank at the monterey bay aquarium.

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