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Get Aquascaping Layouts
. With this layout the golden ratio or rule of two thirds are often used, with plants making up two thirds of the space. Getting started with aquascaping is not difficult.

Aquaflora Vivarium Aquaflora Nano Aquascaping Contest Facebook
Aquaflora Vivarium Aquaflora Nano Aquascaping Contest Facebook from

If you are absolutely new to aquascaping then this guide is for you. Let's take a look at a sample layout: In this photo documentation, we will introduce to you, how to create an aquascaping layout.

Aquascaped tanks are some of the most beautiful within the aquarium hobby.

In fact, there are layout competitions for aquascaping, the biggest one being the international aquatic plants layout contest. Along with the many different styles of aquascapes, you can also build out layout copryight: There are four different styles of layout, however this is not set in stone, the interpretation is very loose. Penempatan tanaman sendiri tidak ada aturan/ketentuan pasti, karena aquascaping merupakan hasil karya seni layout dan hasil desain.

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