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View Great White Shark Left In Aquarium Pics. Great white shark submarine explores the kill zone! The reason that you never see great white sharks in aquariums seems obvious, right? | Monterey Bay Aquarium Puts Another ... | Monterey Bay Aquarium Puts Another … from

As vox illustrates in the video below, aquariums have a long and unsuccessful history of trying to keep great white sharks in captivity. Number of sharks is drastically reduced and these animals are now classified as critically endangered. Great white sharks die within days when captured.

It may prefer live prey that exceeds the budget of the aquarium.

Great white shark in japanese aquarium dies after three days in captivity after refusing to eat. A great white shark captured by a japanese aquarium died friday after just three days in captivity, the aquarium announced. A shark has been spotted at the beach, leave the water. The monterey bay aquarium remains the only aquarium in the world to successfully display a white shark.

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